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Strategies & Solutions

Finding the Right Policy

Insurance offers essential protection for you and your loved ones. It can also play a key role in your investment strategy, and the right policy can help to lower the taxes your beneficiaries pay. But what works for you at age 30, might not be the best strategy at age 50 or 60.

At Strategic Insurance Group, we help you analyze and evaluate your policy options so you can choose the right insurance strategy for where you are now—and what you want from the future.

Our team of experts advocate for you with an independent fiduciary grade analysis to ensure your insurance products are competitively priced and meet your planning needs. Insurance is one piece that makes up your financial future. Our strategies and products are evaluated and selected, keeping your whole plan in mind.



  • Succession Planning

  • Group Insurance

  • Estate Planning
  • Executive Bonus Structuring
  • Retirement Income Strategies

  • Keyman Insurance


  • Life Insurance

  • Life Insurance Leveraging

  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Group Insurance

  • TriZen
  • KaiZen

Insurance Strategies & Solutions

There are many ways the team at Strategic Insurance Group can help your plan and prepare. Schedule a free consultation to see how we can help. Below are just a few of the ways we can help plan for your future.

Life Insurance
Protect your family with a source of tax-free cash after your death that can help pay off a mortgage or send a loved one to college.

Life insurance offers more than a simple death benefit. Other benefits include:
  • Tax-deferred accumulation of policy cash values.
  • Creditor protection (in some states).
  • Tax-advantaged access to policy cash values.
Long-Term Care

Selecting a long-term care insurance policy requires a personalized approach that considers your health, retirement plans, and family dynamics.

We can help you choose the right strategy for your situation, whether it’s a standalone LTC insurance policy, a life insurance policy with an LTC accelerated benefit rider, an asset-based or hybrid product with a single premium, or a self-insured policy.


Your most valuable asset isn’t your house, car, or retirement account—it’s your ability to make a living.

Disability insurance pays part of your income in the event you become temporarily or permanently disabled by an illness or injury. Depending on your policy, this might not be enough to cover your regular expenses. If you lack adequate disability coverage at work or if you’re self-employed, building your own disability policy can help cover the gap.


Knowing when to enroll in Medicare isn’t easy—and mistakes can cost you. Strategic Insurance Group helps you navigate the complexities of choosing the right Medicare Supplement, enrolling at the right time, and filing claims.


What would happen to your business if an important member of your team passed away unexpectedly? With Key-person life insurance, organizations can protect their business against financial losses incurred by the death of an owner, executive or other crucial personnel.

Succession Planning
When you’ve worked hard to build a successful business—you want to leave it in good hands.

Strategic Insurance Group offers a range of business and succession planning services to help you fulfill your long-term vision for your company, including:
  • Life Insurance for Businesses
  • Buy-Sell Life Insurance
  • Section 162 Plans
  • Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans
  • Split-Dollar Life Insurance
Group Insurance
When it comes to recruitment, salaries matter—but so do benefits. According to, 79% of employees would like new or additional benefits compared to a pay increase.

Strategic Insurance Group can help you make your benefits package a key recruitment tool that attracts the best and brightest minds to your company. We offer:
  • Group Benefits Reviews
  • Employee Surveys
  • Benefit Equality Plans
  • Enrollment Assistance
  • Partnership with your Group Health Insurance Provider

Partner With Strategic Insurance Group

Strategic Insurance Group is proud to partner with family offices, CPAs, attorneys and more to create and manage insurance policies that meet their clients’ high expectations.